Turning text to image

After reading through the pages that we were given for our separate books about ten times lol, i managed to collect a good amount of quotes and sentences that i thought i would be able to convert into images.

These are two quotes by Captain Nemo that i think are very powerful and show the emotion that he has to deal with.

"The world came to an end for me on the day when my Nautilus dived beneath the waters for the first time. On that day, i brought my last books, my last pamphlets, and my last newspapers; and since that time i should like to think that humanity has neither thought anymore thoughts nor written anymore books".

"I am dead, Professor; as dead as those friends of yours who lie six feet below the ground".

The texts below are what i will be using to produce my images.

' Apart in special cases, there were displays of chaplets of pearls of the greatest beauty, which, under electric light, sparkled like tiny jets of flame; pearls of a pale pink, torn from the pinnate leaves of the red sea'.

' A massive bird, which was very clearly visible, came gliding toward us, and Captain Nemo's companion took aim at it and fired when it was only a few feet away'.

'Among these various snrubs, tall trees in temperate zones, there were in the damp shadows masses of reaal bushes of living flowers, hedges of zoophytes, on which blossomed meandrines, zebralike with tortuous grooves; some yellow caryophylliae; grassy tufts of zoanthariae'.

'I was thus groping my way forward, when i suddenly saw a brilliant white light. Captain Nemo had just switched on his electrical lamp, his companion did likewise, and Conseil and i followed their example. By turning a screw, i connected the coil with the spiral glass in my lantern, whereupon the sea, lit up by our four lamps, was illuminated for a hundred feet all aorund us'.

' I was stretched out on the ground, sheltered by a bush of algae, when raising my head slightly, i saw two huge forms pass by noisily, emitting phosphorescent gleams'

' I was about to collapse when i saw a light glimmer in the murky distance half a mile away. It was the searchlight of the Nautilus'

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