Bruce Zick

After looking at 'Finding Nemo' i found out who the concept artists were for some of the main scenes. Bruce Zick was the main artist behind the coral images you see in the film, and where the film starts off. When the pixar team were trying to get the feel of coral and the sea itself, they went on diving exhibitions to really understand the structures of these reefs. Starting basic and adding detail in bit by bit was the way they approached the project, and that is what i am trying to do.

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  1. A clarification; Alan WON"T be looking at students' Maya work until Monday of next week, which means you have the weekend to complete your various exercises. I know Alan has spoken with the class about this already - so I'm just confirming it from an assessment point of view. I'll do my best to post this message on everyone's blog, but if you could spread the word, I'd be grateful. Cheers!