Evaluation of Unit 2: Space

I really enjoyed the tasks within this unit, getting to grips with the graphics tablet was very pleasing, and my final pieces were better than i had expected. Obviously missing the first week wasnt ideal, as had to catch up on the maya. Unfortunately i was unable to complete all of the tutorials in time, however i will carry on doing them until i have finished. These tutorials have been the most satisfying. Even though people have said they are boring because of the UV mapping and all of the problems that go with them, i think its amazing how much i have learnt from Alan's help. All i need to do for the next unit is get the maya done in a quicker time. Overall im pleased, there are a few things that i know i can do better, but im sure i can achieve these.

On aother note, the reason didnt come in for this weeks first lecture was because i had a problem with travel. If its not to much trouble could someone please fill me in on what i missed? thanks

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  1. Hi Matt.
    Just dropping by to say hello.

    I'm Keith from the second year.

    If you need anything just drop me a post.