Final Concept Art - Design 3

This image is taken from when they are all walking at the bottom of the ocean and its all dark and mirky. I am most pleased with this image because of the steps i took to get to the final image. Like i said, i tried different ways to achieve each image. It may not be the best looking piece, but it means the most to me.

The first thing i did was put some quick base colors down to get an idea of where everything will be and proportions. I then added extra detail to that.

I then opened up a few different layers, and added more detail into the image, giving it shadows, background and foreground.

Further detail was the added to the rocks, The foreground rocks were produced using the clouds effect and bas relief. Giving it the look of being up close, compared to the other rocks. They were detailed by a series of lines, burning and dodging.

Once the deatil for the rocks was done, i added the background, which would be seen through the hole in the rocks. Because i love the gradient tool so much lol i used that again. This time removing the other layers to see the entire image. Then adding them back in so i knew where to put the light detail, which i did with the burn, smudge and dodge tools.

Then i went back and added the detail to the sand, as well as filling in the gaps in the rocks, which the background could be seen through.

Then step by step i added the atmosphere, just to give it that feel of underwater misty look, also adding more shadows which gave the impression of there being little light.

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