David Hockney

One of the reasons that i choose Hockney to research is because he is always changing his style and the way he produces portraits... Unlike other artists he has not been held back by thinking he is not just a photographer but can do anything if he believes in it..

The collection of images below are just a few of his works that i reaaly enjoy.. I like them because each little image is different from the last, be it, time, age or colour, it gives the image a look of activity and movement, unlike a normal photograph which can only give out little information...


Research for Project 1:

After the two lectures and the seminar, i looked at all of the artists that i had noted down so that i could filter and decide which artists would give me the best inspiration and motivation with my own portrait... These are the artists that i will be taking a closer look at..

* David Hockney
* Loeretta Lux
* Robert Mapplethorpe
* Chuck Close
* Francesca Wood
* Nancy Burson
* Gillian Wearing

Also if i come across any artists that i havent heard of or seen there work before, i will post their work for all to see...



Last night after coming in from football, i was flicking through the channels and came across this on Film 4... Id never heard of it before until then... The film is about a girl who grows up during the Iranian Revolution and who his shipped off to another country to get a better life by her parents... The story line is breathtaking and i really enjoyed the film, because the majority of the film is in black and white, it makes even more appealing. I would recommend this to anyone.. I will be watching this again


So it begins

Hey... After the lecture today and the one on friday which gave us an incite into the course, im feeling very confident about the first project... Even though it will be tough, as long as i put in the hours im sure it will be fine.. Glad Phil is one of our lecturers, i think he is very inspirational.... Just doing a few sketches for the project and doing some research on a few artists, have some work up soon... bi


Movies to look forward to..

Planet 51 is another new movie coming out... not sure about the animation but the characters look funny and i think could be a hit... not sure about the casting tho?

This is the new movie by Tim Burton, im really looking forward to this, not just because it looks to be another great piece by him. But the story line seems so good for an animated film... for ome reason it wont show the whole youtube video... double click to get a better look


More sketches

Carrying on with life forms, i decided to design a face.. This piece is some sort of soldier or someone along those lines.... I think the reason i went with this idea, is because i had been playing a bit of halo just before... I dont really like this idea, but it may help with future designs

After designing the face of the soldier thing, i decided to take another go at drawing a face... I like this one alot more and im hoping that i can maybe design a body of machine that can go with it.. I reminds of something but not sure what...


Quick sketch

Hey this a quick sketch did a while back... had to buy new camera so ony jus startd uploadin... il quickly do this but gta go out so unfortunately ul have to wait for the others... I dont know what the object is but i thought it looked a bit like a womanly shape, so jus went from there... i think it has a lot of potential and i quite like it, think il just have to work on it a little bit more...

The new Frankenstein Film

One of my friends was telling me about the new frankenstein movie coming out , so i looked around for some info on it.. not until recently had anything come up... But finally some of the concept art has been released... I must say that im really impressed by the work and hope the film measures up.

Peter Rallis funny guy

This guy reviews all the new stuff coming at the cinemas... He seems to hate or take a dislike to most things, he is a bit weird but he cracks me up.... check out some of his stuff Youtube.. Movie Buzz