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More sketchbook work

Carrying on from where i left my progress with the robodog ideas last time, i got the base of dog down and managed to come up with a few ideas on weapons and tools the dog would have. Also messing around with a few sketches which targeted his legs..

James Bond Story boarding

Another great find from the library was the Life of Bond book... It was an incite into how they came up with the stories for Bond using story boarding.. The technique used to produce the story boards were what interested me, also the colour patterns and strong pen marks are very pleasing tot he eye.

The shots with the crocodile are great, a story board from actual footage.. It is very helpful, it gives you a different perspective compared to drawings.

Everything about the James Bond films is brilliant, from the concept art that goes into the buldings to the original books by Ian Fleming.

Sketchbook ideas

So after some researching i had the idea for the robot character in my head, then came the part of putting it down on paper.. Starting with a few sketches of a Saint Bernard dog, i then when step by step changing parts and coming up with ideas to turn it into a robot.... The toy robot dogs that were around in the early 2000's were good inspiration and a good starting point.. From my sketchbook, there is a lot of doodling but it is very helpful towards getting my final piece..

My idea for the robodog is it not being overweight and with sagging skin like the actual dogs themselves, but more of a chiseled exterior like that of batman or possibly the character from i robot..

Robots (2005) Character designs

Continuing on with my research, i found the Robots character design book in the library. Because i was given the robot as one of my objects i felt this would be very helpful.

Unfortunately there was no story boarding in this, however the character designs are amazing and the way they came up with each individual robot is even more amazing, every piece of the robots are taken from everyday objects. Michael Knapp was one of the concept artists for this film and his sketch style is something i would love to be able to achieve...

The stages that the designs go through are what i was really interested in..

Practicing with the graphics tablet is something i need to start doing a lot more of.


Bicentennial Man (1990)

Robin Williams plays a robot ho is assigned to a family called the Martins, but he is no ordinary robot.. He starts to experience emotions and feelings and with the help of the father of the family and a scientist he gradually becomes a full functioning human.. The reason i watched this, was to look at how Williams does everything the family tell him to, and when he is an actual robot, the shape and style of his body..