The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari

When Phil said about the film being silent, as well as black and white; I thought that i would struggle to keep my eyes open.. But WOW! I was shocked at how powerful this film was. The facial expressions were amazing and they really made the film come to life. I've seen other silent movies before, such as that of Charlie Chaplain and Laurel and Hardy. But they didnt appeal to me as much as this film.. Also the backgrounds and environments that are used are very magical looking.. Because there are no colors in the film, your imagination has to come into play.. Even though the film is quite dark, i still felt that there should be a lot of color involved.. I would defiantly like to add some of this style into my work...

Unit 2: 20,000 leagues under the sea!

Im really looking forward to this project... Iv seen the film many times and am hoping that by doing extra research and getting inside the film, my work will prosper and the final results will be very strong. After reading through the first pdf. i have gained a few ideas about how im going to go about this project


Evaluation of Unit 1: Anatomy

After the critique on friday, i came out with mixed emotions... On one hand i was relieved to have got through the project managing to do the things i had set out to do. But i also felt that i had managed my time really poorly and that if i had put in a little more effort, then my overall piece could have been better.

But after this first project it has made me realize what needs to be done to get off to a good start, also what problems you can experience along the way.. With this to help me in future, i hope i will have a more finished outcome.

Catching up with maya

Finished all of the maya tutorials except the fan, which i was having a little trouble with because i have maya 8. I found that the materials and textures tutorials were very similar to the lighting, in the sense that they follow similar sort of instructions.. I enjoyed doing these because i would really like to see what they look like on my own piece of work some day.


Maya Tutorials

Sorry these have been posted late, i had trouble moving them from the uca computers onto my blog.. I had to redo the dice because i messed the lighting up and i could only manage to get a spot light up, also the flooring stayed black, i think there was something wrong with the hypershades..


The first set of lighting scenes were relatively easy to do, thanks to Alans help..



Maya lighting tutorials

For some reason cant post them on laptop, will try early tomorrow morning before presentation

Final portrait

After having last minute nightmares with memory stick, finally managed to get my final image done. I really wanted to interpret some of Gill Greenberg's work into my piece. But after researching how she managed to get her pictures too look so good, i realised that no matter how good i could be at photoshop, there are just some things a camera can do better.. Not great, but happy with the outcome because it shows the feelings i want back and would to have similar to my childhood days

Maya - Robot walk

The first piece of animation was very simple, but i enjoyed it very much. Doing these little tutorials bit by bit, i am becoming more confident in my ability knowing that when it comes to actually designing things in maya i should be able to do it without wondering what to do next.


Nan Goldin

After speaking to a friend about my essay, she recommended that i look at Goldin's work when she used her children.. I had never seen these images before, but im thankful that i did because they were very useful when adding information to my essay.. Unlike Edward Westons work or Richard Prince's piece on Brooke Shields, her work is a lot more provocative and should cause a lot more controversy compared to those artists works..


Roland Barthes - The Death Of The Author

For my essay Phil said to study Roland barthes quote about how something does not rest with the maker or producer, but rather in the minds of the audiences.. Because my essay is about how peoples views over child photography and portraiture have changed over time, this is obviously something that could help.. However i didnt really know much about the essay.. So borrowed the book from the library and read 'Death of the author'... After reading at least a dozen times i finally understand what he meant and with his quote in mind i started with the essay... Using this as a starting point really got me on my way to getting a firm base of the essay down.. Thanks for the pointer phil

The imaginarium of doctor parnassus

Before going to see this i wasnt sure that i was going to like it. And at first the beginning of the film was kind of slow.. But then cg kicks in and the whole film comes alive... Lily Cole was in it, and suprisngly she was quite good... The story line was amazing, it had all sorts of adventure and trickery.. It always kept you thinking aswell which i really enjoyed.. The cast was very strong


Anyone know where i can get CS4 for my mac?

Hi. im in desperate need for it!!! A friend said uca do some sort of pack that has it all on.. does anyone know if this is true and how i would go about getting it??


Life Drawing classes

After already doing a fair amount of life drawing on the foundation course last year, i thought i would be able to this fine.. But after the first couple of drawings i noticed that i wasnt doing things correctly, compared to how i used to... The main thing was that the models head would be a lot smaller compared to the rest of the figure.. After the second class though i found myself getting everything to scale.. The leader of the class (not sure of his name) is very helpful.


Essay preparation

These are just a few things that got the ball rolling when it came to getting the essay underway.. I always find brainstorming diagrams always help to set things out.. They can also be a good starting point

Maya Projects

My maya projects will be in al different order because they are on different computers and i havent had time to go and put them on my memory stick.

The only problem i found with designing the toaster and the magnifying glass, was that when sorting out the colors i could only view the completed object in the render mode.

The image below is how it looked in the perspective view.. I dont know how to change this. Everything is blue.

After using mac more and more i have found it alot easier to use.. I was pretty pleased with magnyfying glass, except for one part. I f you look closely at the image, the bottom of the handle has a color difference..


Loretta Lux

I looked at Lux because not only am i going to base my final piece around the idea of children. I have also decided to go with a question regarding children for my essay. Im fascinated by her work because she doesnt show the normal carefree, happy smiling forms of children, but more evil and sad looking ones..


I particularly like the last image because they are obviously brothers who look like they have been playing and yet still look unhappy or as if something from the picture is missing. Such as a parent or another sibling

The Elephant Man

This was the first time i had seen the film, and i was blown away... The acting was amazing... The film really got me thinking on how people back then treated deformity or people who were different.. And nowadays even though we accept all different things, you always feel or wonder why this has happened.. Also it makes you see how difficult it most be for someone with a deformity or a certain disease, and how brave they must be


More research - Francesca Woodman

I like Woodman's work because i feel that where she hides part of figure it shows that she doesnt want a certain part of them to be shown because it isnt what society wants to see or the personality of that person has something odd or different about it.

Her pictures could also show someone hiding or in pain.. Hidden identities because of something they are scared of


These are the first set of drawings i did... I feel they get better as i have practiced more and the life drawing class has got me back in the rhythm of things. Please leave comments on how i can improve or any artists to look at regarding the portraiture of children. Thanks