Roland Barthes - The Death Of The Author

For my essay Phil said to study Roland barthes quote about how something does not rest with the maker or producer, but rather in the minds of the audiences.. Because my essay is about how peoples views over child photography and portraiture have changed over time, this is obviously something that could help.. However i didnt really know much about the essay.. So borrowed the book from the library and read 'Death of the author'... After reading at least a dozen times i finally understand what he meant and with his quote in mind i started with the essay... Using this as a starting point really got me on my way to getting a firm base of the essay down.. Thanks for the pointer phil

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  1. Hey Matt,

    Don't thank me, thank Roland! Seriously, though, I admire you for sticking with it and getting to grips with the idea of the Death of the Author - actually, it means you'll have a head start in the second year when you come to do 'Postmodernism' with me, as Death of the Author is central to that area of cultural theory! I look forward to reading your essay and I hope all your final preparations for Friday's hand-in are going smoothly... best of luck and I'll see you soon!