Final Concept Art - Design 1

This was one of four designs that i started at the same time. The reason the i carried this one forward was because i had paid so much attention to the small details in the plants that i didnt want to let it go and move on. Looking back, as soon as i started stuttering i should have stopped and moved on.

Also i didnt start this image like the others, i never put a base down to draw from. This could be the reason that this image was not fully resolved.

As you can see i used plain lines and some shading to begin with so that i knew what sort of area to work in.. Then with different layers i added the next bits by once again doing line drawings.

After adding the shading to this part of the design, you can start to gain an image of what is going on, and what sort of depth the image has. Giving the whole image an overlay of dark blue gives the idea of being submerged underwater.

The next part to the drawing was, what i feel the major turning point in me realizing the image wasn't going to work out. However because i had my set ideas, i wanted to see it through. The plant closest to the screen took a long time to design and maybe was another reason for me clinging onto it.

The next part of this image was to add the background rock details... I sort of cheated here a little because i used the concept from my tunnel rock ideas for this part. Howvever it does give the image a more realistic feel..

The final part to this piece was to add the background color. I was going to add in some rays of light, but i got stuck on how to put them between layers, so i gave up on that idea. Looking back that was a terrible idea, because if the image did have those rays, it would have been more complete. But you learn from mistakes, i will just try harder next time.

Overall, i was displeased with this image because it took so much of my time away from the other drawings, i need to learn not to get attached to work, time management is crucial if you want to get the work done.

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