Introduction into using the graphics tablets

After purchasing my graphics tablet some time ago, i never really got the chance to use it, which in turn meant that i havent got to produce anything.. Before this class started, i was looking forward to it all week, just getting to know how to use photoshop and put it into practice was what interested me.

And what a pleasure it was, Phil was very helpful and really knows what he is talking about. Even in the short space of time we had for the first tutorial i felt happy that i had achieved something and enhanced my photoshop skills. Im really looking forward to more of these classes.

Before the class i was just messing around with photoshop and the graphics tablet and decided to have a little go at designing an image from the pdf i was given. 2000 leagues under the sea...


  1. Hey Matt - I'm pleased you enjoyed the session - much more of it to come! And the image above is really working in terms of composition and texture.

  2. Hey there Matt, I like the way the Sub appears to be coming from behind the kelp also makes the coral forms seem huge giving an interesting sense of scale.