Thumbnail designs for my concept art

Apart from the first image, i have drawn up three different images for each piece of text, and which ever one i feel is the best, i will draw up a larger image and use that for my final pieces.

These first sketches are before i even looked into the brief, i decided to just do a few quick sketches on changing the look of the nautilus, making it more modern as if they were releasing a new film and had asked me to redesign it.

The image below is the part of the text where they see the sharks, i have portrayed it in three different ways. From the professors eyes, at a far distance so you can see the scale of the sharks compared to the people, and from the sharks eyes. After taking another look at these images ill decide which is the best and continue with that design.

These sketches are where Captain Nemo and the others are so far down in the depths of the sea that they can no longer see, so they turn their lamps on.. I am really interested in taking one of these further, as i believe that the use of light under the water will look very effective.

This final sketch is taken from the part of the story where Nemo kills the otter. I was thinking of possibly doing this image whilst he was taking the shot.

I hope to add more quick sketches from the other notes i have taken and they will be posted shortly.

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