More thumbnails

Thanks for the comments both Phils, mind hadn't been on the project the past week at all, after what went on. But know i'm back and raring to go. Sorry about the poor quality of posts. I just wasn't focusing enough on my work... The new images are a lot more useful to all.

I continued with more thumbnail sketches, so that i could have a wider variety to choose from when it comes to editing them in photoshop..

This part of the text is when Captain Nemo's companion sees the albatross above the water and shoots it down. I thought about a few different ways to go about this image.. Still not 100% sure on this one. I like the idea of seeing the bird through the sniper, but i feel that there is not enough environment or space to work with, so ultimately the image would be very plain.

The final images are of two separate text clips. The left hand side shows when they are nearly back to the Nautilus and they can just see the outline and search light of it from a distance. The right hand page shows when the four men first set off into the under water forest that the professor calls it.. I think that the forest idea would be good, but not sure on my thumbnails.

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