Back to the drawing board

After reading Simon's comments about my first set of thumbnails, i took his feedback on board and decided to have another crack at them. This time i removed all of the characters and focused solely on the environment, paying close attention to the lighting and depth the image should have... With these now complete i will start on turning them into a well presented concept image using photoshop..

These first images are when the group led by Captain Nemo travel to the depths of the ocean. I used different ledges and heights to enable the viewer to see that they were looking down into the abyss.

These images are when the group is making its way back to the Nautilus, and from a distance they can its search light flashing.

These are images from the part of the text when they first venture into the thick forest in seas.


  1. Hi Matt - it takes guts and tenacity to go 'back to the drawing board' - and your thumbnails above are dynamic and exciting; I look forward to seeing them develop over the next few days - be sure to post your incremental development: I want to see the various stages as they progress layer-by-layer, mark-by-mark...

  2. Don't forget matt you can keep figures in the scene but use them purely for scale rather than storytelling, let the environment tell its own story, use figures for scale reference.... if in doubt take a look at th tunnel image on my blog to see what I mean.

    Well done on revisiting... a brave man indeed.