Bases for concept designs

These are the main images that i will be using as base designs for my final pieces.. By using these i will have a firm footing before it even comes to using photoshop..

The first image is the one where Nemo and the professor see the sharks swimming along and have to hide. The reason the other sketches are not like this, is because i feel that i have put too much detail into it.. Also id like to see the varied outcomes from using a detailed image compared to basic line drawings..


Turning their lamps on

Shooting the otter

Sooting the albatross

The Nautilus in sight

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  1. Hi Matt, nice to see some thumbnails up at last, and scanned as well.
    At the moment I think you may be focusing too much on narrative rather than environment. In your sketches the figures and their actions dominate the scene. At this stage I wouldn't worry about naming the thumbnails as a title can distract a viewer.

    Concentrate on 3 areas of environment that are described in the text and produce 10 or so thumbnails for each spend no more than 2-3 mins on each one, then you should have a solid foundation to move onto the next stage.