Maya Street scene (nearly there)

After once again rushing through the these tutorials as well as the first weeks ones, i realized that just because im hurrying along following the tutorials, doesnt mean i cant ever look at them again. They are always going to be there, and will always be there if im stuck. Obviously getting the work done on time is important because it gets your ready for the big wide world. But its comforting knowing you can always look back if you want to brush up on your skills.

UV mapping could be the worst thing that i have ever experienced, no matter how closely you follow the tutorials, something is always bound to go wrong. Howvever, now that i have been going on thursdays, i have been getting all the help i need, which in return has helped me worked things out for myself.


  1. Hi Matt,

    Sorry to see that your work suffered from poor time management. Unfortunately, a deadline is a deadline. However, its not a total disaster - You made it through 60% of the tutorials and have caught up with the first. Do I see an improvement...Yes, do I want to see another..yes! Keep working.

    Rememeber, it generally takes twice as long as you think to do anything in CG so make sure you manage your time better in the future. Good luck in the next project.

  2. Thanks for the advise Alan.. I hope i can. I have know managed the impossible of obtaining Maya 2009 on ma laptop (mac), so when i have to leave uni, i can now do it at home.