Uncanny life

Carrying on from Madame Tussuads i remembered two films that are brilliant for the idea that no matter how much something looks and acts like a human, it never will actually that.

Toys 1992

The film starring Robin Williams wasn't a great success, however in this film you think that all along Williams sister is a bit strange like himself. But at the end of the film when all of the toys go to war, she gets destroyed and you find out that she has been a machine that Williams's father had created. It gives you the sense that anybody could be a robot and the only difference is they dont die.

The way she acts shows that robots are not exactly how humans should be. I cant find any videos on the end scene of the film, but if u get a chance, have a look.

Mannequin 1987

This film is about an artsist by the name of Jonathan Switcher who can never keep a job. Until one day he builds the most amazing mannequin, its so amazing that he falls in love with it. After some problems the mannequin ends up in a shop window. Switcher however manages to get to see the mannequin again because he saves the stores owner so she gives him a job. The mannequin then starts to come to life, but only when she sees Swither.

The film isn't that great, but once again going from a mannequin, who is hollow, has no feelings, and stays in the same position all the time. To becoming a beautiful woman seems really strange to me. Definitely give this a watch if u get the chance.


  1. LAMO I was just thinking of Mannequin and I hadn't seen it for years. Well done Matt.

  2. you can watch the whole film on youtube. Just y
    type in mannequin 1987 i think n then click on part 1..