Sketch ideas

These are my three ideas that i have decided on taking further. Im still not sure which one to follow, but im more intrigued by the alleyway scene and the room scene. However, im not going to remove one idea just yet.

The first idea came to me when seeing a previous image lighting up part of a road. I got the idea of placing an old car in the scene with its door and boot open whilst the engine was still running, but nobody can be seen near the car. I like the feeling of uncanny for this image as it offers such a wide variety of possibilities that the audience would have to use their imagination so much..

The sketches arent that great, but they offer me the exact ideas i want to take further.. The first three images are for the street scene.

The second image above is from my alleyway scenes, these images have given me the most pleasure because i am interested in the detail that goes with them. However if i do choose these ideas for my final piece, i think that i could struggle with the amount of detail i had.. From these sketches im still unsure on the view i want to take on. I have looked at the way in which Marvel designers draw their streets and buildings, so i have been practicing them. In films i always love those dingy alleys that you know something bad could happen..

The final sketches are for my apartment scene. This was my first idea, however i think i need rework the viewing for this image. Possibly placing the camera in a doorway looking into the room.. By doing this you wont be able to see the whole room that has either been ransacked or missing an integral part. I had the idea of using the neon lighting you get from hotel signs to light this scene through the window, so basically it could be in fact a hotel room, or a block of flats next to a hotel..

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