Idea 1 for unit 3: Dingy American style bar

I've been thinking about where to go with my environment project for a few days, and after looking at Edward Hopper's work, specifically the image where the audience are looking in on the bar through the window, i had a vibe about something around the pub style..

Unlike Hopper's image, i want to add more atmosphere into the image. Using lighting to give the scene a creepy, dingy feel. I have been having some difficulty in finding images and influences for this idea. After looking at my research so far, it would be very helpful if anyone has any ideas that could improve my ideas...

When in london a couple of months back, i visited Gordan's Wine Bar on a night out.. At the time even though i was taken in by the environment, i didnt think of taking any pictures. Also, it gets absolutely packed so the pictures wouldnt be that great.

The image where the bottle and glass are in the foreground really appeals to me, i am interested incorporating something similar to that in my image. The shadows cast by the candles in this bar are also something that i could use.

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