Stepford Wives (1975)

Having seen clips from the remake, i thought it would be similar with the acting just different. I was suprised when that errie music started to play and the actors and actresses started to change that it was very creepy. The film had little inklings at the beginning, for example where they are just about to leave, and they see that guy carrying a mannequin across the road, which hints at what will happen.

Also when the two women crash their cars outside the shops and the woman gets hurt. She keeps repeating herself, and then the main character realises that they took the woman to the opposite direction of the hospital. At this point, i started to think of things that could have been happening to these women.

When the film really comes to life is when she stabs her best friend, but no blood appears, and all that happens is that she becomes broken. The women are basically robots made by the husbands to make their lives perfect.

The final scenes where she sees her robotic version was really strange, it was basically her, but her body improved. Those eyes though, something that you see in horror films.

I really enjoyed this film, it was well written, and the suspense that left you thinking what was actually happening to these women kept you hooked.

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