Narrowing my ideas down

After a lot of brainstorming, i finally managed to single out three main ideas that i would like to pursue further. Know i now that we are only supposed to choose one area of interest for the final scene, but i'm too into all three of these ideas that i havent got to the stage of letting any of them go..

These ideas will have notes and mini sketches attached shortly, my scanner is currently on the blink, but hopefully tomorrow it will be fixed.


My first idea is for the scene to be in a deserted road, possibly in the countryside somewhere.. And using lighting like from a previous picture on my blog i would use it to give the image that feeling of not knowing whats outside the light rays. At the front of my scene i am thinking of maybe modeling an old american styled car or a battered old van, with its boot and drives door open. As well as having the engine still running. Phill gave me the idea when he said about an old ice cream van in the lighting scene. I like this idea a lot, but once my concept designs are down, that could all change..


The second idea i had was wen trying out the perspective in photoshop. My first drawing was that of a main street. In the scene i added little alleyways between some buildings. This gave me the idea of looking at alleways during the night. Because whenever you see them or walk through them, you feel either two things depending on what sort of alley it is. The first, housing estate alleys are usually very dark and when walking through them you feel like you are being watched. The there are the alleys in the cities which are used for deliveries or back entrances to places.

It is the second kind of alley way that interests me, during the day, they are filled with people doing odd jobs, cutting through to get somewhere, dodgy dealings and sometimes even crime. But at night all that is left is the smells, rubbish and atmosphere, i know you obviously get crime in these alleys, but i would feel they have a story to tell if you ever walked through them.. Scenes from Spider-man and Batman come to mind for this idea.


My final idea was of being in a dingy old bar/pub where hardly anyone ever visits. And in the scene, the camera is looking up towards the entrance of the bar, but there is nobody there, not even the barman, and just slightly obstructing the view is two glasses, half empty. Im not so sure about this idea, but i think if it was just an ordinary pub, then the glasses would be insignificant, but because its a bit creepy, it gives the audience the idea of bewilderment and wonder as to who the glasses belong to...

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