Invaders From Mars, 1953, William Menzies

Before we watched the film, we had a lecture on the meaning of the term 'UNCANNY', i found this very helpful. Before i had basically no idea how i could use this. Thanks to phil for that..

Now back to Invaders from mars... I was optimistic when the film started because i had seen films similar to this around the same time period.. However i was pleasantly suprised, even though some of the costumes were comical and the set was made from blown up condoms lol it shows the first signs of horror. Obviously nobody was scared when watching this, but back in the fifties people didnt imagine things that we see in our cinemas today, so this probably seemed terrifying.

Even though it was funny in some of acting scenes, there was still that sort of eeriness that you get from horror films.. I felt that before the aliens were introduced to the film, the film had something about it that kept you fixed and wanting to know what was under the ground.

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