Repulsion: Roman Polanski

This film in certain aspects was brilliant. I haven't seen a film like it before. I mean it wasn't exactly the scariest film, but the camera use, by putting it up close to the actors, and the soundtrack freaked me out a little.

One part of the film really got to me though... When the guy who keeps pestering her breaks the door down, i actually wanted her to kill him because he was getting on my nerves so much. The way in which the corridor and rooms of the flat got bigger as the film went on, made you feel as if she had further places to hide.

The way 'Carol' Catherine Deneuve, used her eyes in the film gave the audience the presumption that she was in real pain.

After watching this, i had a few ideas for my final piece, and realized that i had been going in the wrong direction in regards to the dingy american bar. Obviously i could use that as a set, but i think completely misinterpreted the brief. However im now in full flow, and have a dozen ideas which i will sketch before i forget them.

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  1. Hi Matt - if you haven't seen it already, check out Bharathi's video commentary - entertaining - and a nice way of posting reviews!