First ideas

Coming up with ideas for my story was a lot harder than i thought it would be.. When i first got the objects, i was fairly pleased compared to some of the other guys objects, now im regretting thinking this...


The scene opens with a group of small child robots in a scout group, going camping in the woods... After making camp, the scout master splits them up into groups to do small projects like looking for insects and small animals.. The story then centers onto one group, focusing on one particular boy robot.. After a few minutes of wandering the woods, the particular boy sneaks off because he thinks he sees something.. But soon gets lost deep in the woods, with hardly any light..

After sometime the boy finds a relatively small cliff, he decides to climb it, using his grappling hook and extending arms quickly gets to the top to look for a better view..

By the this time the group has moved on.. He finally sees some smoke coming from a distance that is by far to long to walk.. Starting to panic he thinks he will then have to walk all the way to the destination, hoping they dont move on again..

He then comes up with an ingenious idea, getting his tent out of his pouch, he cuts it down the middle and jumps... The wind takes the tent and he flies towards the direction of the smoke...


A robot falls to earth after accidentally falling from his spaceship.. He has a grappling hook for a hand.. ( Story goes to backflash of how he lost original hand)... Not sure how yet, but would like to make it funny!!

He lands in the middle of a camp site, and right next to a tent... The campsite looks deserted, but all of the people are at the club.. He has no idea what the tent is, and starts to mess around with it, trying to work out what it is... After some funny accidents regarding the grappling hook tearing the tent, he ends up stuck in the tent, sighing with exhaustion.
(I like the second idea better, because it reminds me of something out of 'carry on camping')


The scene opens with the camera positioned on the tent, at night... There is a light in the tent and you can see the silhouette of a robot, moving around very quickly.. Suddenly a grappling hook whips out of the tent and wraps around a box of tools, and pulls them into the tent... The robot then appears at the entrance of the tent, looks at the camera and scurries back inside. After a few more movements back inside the tent.. Within a flash the grappling hook flies out of the tent and grabs the camera. The scene goes dark..

(The reason i am partial to this idea is because im not sure whether i want to pursue a comedy sketch, and i feel this small story could have quite a dark and spooky feel about it.)


Im not really sure about this idea. But thought id post because every idea can lead to something.. In a robot world, all robots live in tents. The ground cannot be touched because it is too hot... So the Tents are attached to high pylons, on top of each other for miles on end.... Each line of tents is attached to the pylons by massive grappling hooks..

The story follows a robot who doesnt belong to any tent, and just wanders the grappling hook, encountering different robots who just disgard him..

I dont like this idea due to the fact that it reminds me of minority report, also it would take far too long to get it all down...


  1. Hi Matt! Liking your ideas so far! When you were talking about the scout robots, the image that sprung to mind was of a Smash Robot (you're probably too young to remember them!)...maybe just because they have that child-like innocent look about them. But saying that, they were actually pretty mischievious, on the adverts.... they also have cool, spring-like arms with hook hands....


    I like the idea too, of the tent becoming something for the robot to grapple with (excuse the pun!) - Good luck!!

  2. Can't sleep! Keeping thinking about a legit way to incorporate 'robot, tent & grappling hook'... have had an idea though; how about a robotic Saint Bernard?

    So this










    Your robot Saint Bernard could be top of the range, with built in grappling hooks, rotor-blades, skis etc....

  3. Hey Phil, yer i really like this idea... Do you mean like a superdog of some sort??