Final ideas

After help from Phil during the story-boarding meeting i have narrowed my ideas down to two..


After putting forward my idea about the robot scouts and having the thought about something similar to 'Carry on Camping', i came up with this idea...

On a planet which is inhabited by robots that do everything exactly how a human would, the story follows one family who go camping...

The family consists of a very competitive dad, a crazy mum, a teenage girl-bot, and naughty little boy-bot..

After finally setting up their tent, which takes a fair amount of time, the dad feeling really proud with himself sits back and admirers his work... However at that moment a richer family with more kids turn up, and plant their tent right next to the first family..

Without any messing about or accidents the second family erect their tent in minutes, much to the annoyance of dad 1... However he lets it go and tries to have a good time with his family, however everything his family do, the second family can do better..

This results in the first dad spying on the second family to see what they do within their tent. Unknown to him though is that the rich dad has put loads of booby traps in and around the tent, to stop intruders.

This results in lots of pain for the first dad... In the end the rest of the family make friends with the other family and the dad just gives in...

After doing some research, i found a few movies that could help me with the setting and make the story line stronger..

Cheaper by the dozen

Carry On camping

Almost Heroes - Not really anything to do with my story, just the accidents the characters have are funny.. Chris Farley is brilliant

Planet 51

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