The Battleship Potemkin

Well, after Phil recommended the film, i thought id take a look.. After the film finished, i sat there with a little shock.. The film overall isn't the greatest, but the scene where the Army shoot the civilians on the top of the steps is a truley remarkable piece of cinema... When the pram starts to fall down the stairs was a brilliant piece of editing.. Going from the pram, back to the shooting and then back again shows why this film was a bench mark for all other edited scenes in the cinema world.

Also the reaction and emotion from the characters, as well as the close ups and action shots brings the whole story together.. Another thing that came to mind when the pram starts to fall, is that how many other films have used similar ideas, showing that Eisenstein basically invented editing and cutting....

Another point to take note of is the way the music is used to portray feelings... Nowadays films dont use great scores from huge orchestra's, old disney films are prime examples of this.

One film that almost copies the pram scene is the 'Untouchables'....

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  1. Hi Matt - this is copy/paste from a previous post of yours, as I'm not sure you've seen it... so, just in case - see below

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