Hey... So this will be the blog (journal) for my university course. Im going to be studying CG Arts and Animation at UCA 


  1. Hey, Matt - and so it begins! So, this blog thing - what do I want from you and it? Well, put simply, I want it to go where you go, see what you see, think what you think... it's a space for thinking outloud, and during your projects, it will become part sketch-book, part archive, part promotion and all creative! (obviously!). I want you to use it little and often to record your creative development during your time with us; you can start by uploading your summer project sketches - and your thoughts on the latest summer blockbusters, for instance (Transformers 2 = total crap! Or is it just my age talking!); this is where you post the art from artists you like and admire, the concept designs from films and game - talk about the stuff you hate, that irks you; make it dynamic, make it fulsome and make it your own... in the meantime, see below

    addresses for new first year blogs currently up and running (I’ll post more as they go live). Go say “hi” – get that first awkward introduction over before the first day of term!

    Dave at http://www.rattie-dave.blogspot.com
    Earl at http://yesmynameisearl.blogspot.com
    Ruben at http://rubensblogpage.blogspot.com
    Charlotte at http://thelastearthangel.blogspot.com
    Matt at http://www.hyland255.blogspot.com
    Farideh at www.faz-hamoni.blogspot.com
    Sam at http://samhayes101.blogspot.com
    Simon at http://simon-watts.blogspot.com
    Jordan at http://www.jordanbuckner.blogspot.com
    Jack at http://nosnevetskcaj.blogspot.com/
    Chris at http://summershizzle.blogspot.com/
    Matt at http://mattymunday.blogspot.com/
    Ethan at http://aflockofpixels.blogspot.com/

  2. Nice work !!!
    See photrom.fr and romtop.blogspot.com
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